A Stellar Contribution

If you could have one of your biggest wishes fulfilled which one would it be? For us at Million Closets, it is to share our love for life experiences, with children who want to see their dreams come true. This is what led us to one of the most important actions of our journey, our contribution to the cause of Make-A-Wish Greece!

Each month one of the unique products in our closet will be contributing towards making a wish come true for a child, affected by a life-threatening condition. And the protagonist in this unique mission will be you. By selecting our star product, you will make a big difference in the world by making a small one in your closet, as we will be offering 30% of the product’s value towards the fulfilment of a special wish. Join us in our mission and get beautiful clothes knowing you will bring joy to a beautiful soul. Discover our star product of the month here.


Love, MC