Fashion for Good: a new addition to Amsterdam's closet.

With more and more emerging designers and fashion concept stores seeing the light in the city center, Amsterdam is slowly gaining its rightful title of Fashion Capital! A notable addition on the long list of fashion places-to-be in the Dutch capital is the new sustainable fashion museum that opened its doors last spring.

Sustainable fashion is celebrated more than ever before and embraced by more and more designers every day. This concept lies at the heart of Fashion for Good’s objective to increase the world’s awareness about clothes designed with respect to the environment and its natural resources.

Interactive showpieces at Fashion for Good

A visit at Fashion for Good will leave you speechless. Everything inside the museum is eco-friendly, from the floors to the furniture, to the showpieces of course. It’s design reflects the philosophy Nothing goes to waste. Inside the museum you will have the opportunity to experience the whole process of how a designer piece is made: from the sourcing of the materials, to its positioning on the shelfs of the fashion stores.

Fashion for Good | Natural fibres used to create materials

A Short History of Good Fashion Wall

As you navigate from the basement to the top floor, you will be able to see the evolution of fashion through the years from the past centuries to future trends to come. Using interactive technologies, the museum is all about informing visitors on the importance of eco-friendly fashion but the best part of the experience is the inspirational ideas you get from Fashion for Good, on how to adopt a sustainable style and how to maintain it. The visit is definitely worth it, even if you are not a fashion expert, who knows, it might turn you into one!