Hairstyles for a night out

It’s one of those days, when you have found the perfect outfit for your night out, but your hair don’t seem to collaborate! Don’t worry we have found four hairstyles that will save your night and don’t need mastery in hairdressing.

1. Simple half hair braid

With this hairstyle your look will be feminine without much effort. Simply take two threads from each side respectively and roll them. Then intertwine the one with the other and let them loose.

The Hoop Braid

Wanna look cute and simple at the same time? Create a loose braid from one side of the head and roll it around. Then keep it in place with a hair clip. A nice and easy hairstyle to be out of the house in minutes

The Bow

Are you feeling creative and you would like something to match with your outstanding outfit? Then the bow is the ideal hairstyle for you, easy to make and very distinctive. Separate your hair in two big threads and set them up as a bow. Then roll the edge of one of them around the point where they connect and stabilize it with a hair clip. Your bow is ready!

Half braid Half ponytail

For when you want to look feminine and bold at the same time. Divide your hair in two and and create a tight braid with each ponytail until the bottom of your head. Put on a hair tie at the end of each braid and leave the rest of it loose. For the brave, curl the remaining hair with an iron. You are now ready to conquer the world!