How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit

Summer is approaching and vacations vibes are slowly kicking in!

Be beach ready with these 4 tips to finding the perfect fit:

Number One: Make sure your swimsuit is ready to embrace your body type. Each body is unique and should be celebrated by wearing only the best:

Choose a style that will make sure to provide you with great support and a fit that will make you as comfortable as you will be standing out.

If you have a larger bust, make sure your swimsuit provides the right support in order for you to actually enjoy your time at the beach without having to think about readjusting your top every five minutes.

If again you have a smaller bust, support is still important as it helps with posture but also helps your swimsuit fitting best on your body.

The key is to understand your swimsuit should embrace your body in the right way.

Now to the bottom of this:

Whatever bottoms styles you choose to rock, bear in mind it should not be cutting your thighs or bottom, as this will only lead to you feeling uncomfortable.

One pieces:

One pieces are great for protection from UV lights but also for support as well as how great they look when styled with resort wear.

We have a special relationship with one pieces and believe they are a must have for a versatile summer closet. You can wear them at the beach in the morning and over wide leg trousers or shorts at night our best seller provides great support and looks as good at the beach than it does on the streets!

You can find this one here: Azania One Piece

Pro tip: Our Sales team is available through live chat and email for ANY questions regarding your size, colours, or fit. You can send us measurements, photos, or even ask for our opinion. We want to be there all the way until you find the swimsuit that you won’t want to take off!

Number Two. Be sure of the quality

Make sure it’s made of resistant material, (but also make sure you take proper care of it)

Fast Fashion swimwear sounds tempting but will rarely provide you with the fit and support let alone the durability you are expecting from it.

Swimwear goes through a lot while you’re enjoying your holidays, they’re exposed to salt, chlorine, sand and heat.

So, it is probably a good idea to invest into a more durable swimsuit that won’t be letting you down in one season (or less).

Number 3. Know who made it.

Your vacation is your time to shine.

Stand out by wearing a unique piece made from a talented independent designer. While you support the love and effort that has gone into the making of your swimsuit, you’ll also be able to have everyone asking who you got it from, there is no need for more monotony, let alone on a beach in Mykonos.

Number 4. Choose something that is going to make you feel great!

At MILLION CLOSETS we are looking to introduce you into a whole new way of looking at your closet. By starting to buy better but less you will be investing in products that will make you feel as comfortable as possible will also looking your best. And let’s be honest who doesn’t want that?