Laundry Day

While we select ethically produced, long lasting garments made from sustainable materials in limited quantities to ensure only the best gets a place in your closet, you also need to play an active role in order to make sure you’ll get to enjoy it the longest.

See below our 4 tips to a successful laundry day:

1. Let’s start by the best tip: Wash less

. We tend to wash our clothes way more often than we need to, this is bad for both the environment and the garment in the long run. So, try hanging your garments outside to freshen them up before making washing machine moves. The planet and your favorite summer dress will thank you later!

2. Be mindful when using the washing machine.

Start opting for low temperature and low spinning settings when washing delicate clothing, we promise, unless they are heavily stained, they will come out as fresh as you would hope, minus the damage.

Marseille Soap is well known for being highly effective against stains

3. Address stains personally

Try removing stains manually before starting a cycle, or if that stubborn stain was the only reason you’re not enjoying your silk top right now, remove it and hang the top outside to freshen up. Opt for natural soap bars to limit your exposure to chemicals.

4. Do not tumble dry!

Leave the dryer to the big guys (a.k.a. towels and bed linens) It might sound like a hassle but hanging your delicate garments to dry naturally is reducing your impact on the environment and also ensures you get to enjoy your clothes for years to come.

It's boring only if you make it!

Make a moment out of laundry day, take the time to assess the fact that you are directly contributing to a more sustainable planet that way, so be proud! Listen to some music and enjoy the fact that your attitude towards chores can become more positive when you know you’re contributing to a good cause at the same time.