Michelle Obama: Mother, Former First Lady, Philanthropist and Fashion Icon

The woman who managed to become a symbol and an inspiration for all women around the globe for her remarkable actions but also because of her unique style, could be no one else but Michelle Obama. Her powerful personality and unparalleled style are just two the reasons which made her stand out as a First Lady.

Michelle Obama with daughters Malia and Sasha in Venice

Her bright personality is reflected on her playful style which is nothing but unconventional! She loves making daring combinations, matching colours and pieces in new interesting ways. Her secret? She only wears what she loves!

You would expect Michelle Obama to be dressed exclusively by the world’s biggest fashion houses, but this is not true. Michelle is one of the biggest advocates of emerging designers, and she is the first to celebrate each new creation, making it part of her style.

Malia and Michelle Obama in emerging brand Cinq a Sept. Photos: Alex Wong & Scott Olsen/Getty Images

However, her mindful approach to fashion doesn’t stop at her support of talented designers. Above all Michelle is a big supporter of the sustainable fashion philosophy. Trying to implement a less is more approach herself, you will see her repeating some of her favourite outfits in various events, while looking more and more stunning every time.

Michelle wearing a dress by Tracey Reese, Mexico April 2010 (left) and at the Congressional picnic in June 2010 (right)

But what we love the most about her, is that she is not afraid to be simple and casual when the occasion allows for it. Michelle has found the much-needed balance between formal and casual wear. Even when she was the first lady, she was rocking simple styles with the same confidence she was embracing the glamorous ones during her public appearances. Michelle Obama knows exactly what to wear and she always looks chic no matter what she chooses, and this is why she will always be an inspiration for us!