Mindful Shopping, What Do You Mean?

What exactly is mindful shopping and how can you introduce it to your life? There are various ways to support a sustainable clothing habit, and it does not involve throwing away everything you own.

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Sustainability at core: opting for sustainable basics is a good start, they are made ethically and can be recycled easily. You can find basics made ethically online almost everywhere, keep an eye on Scandinavian brands, they usually excel in ethical, recyclable sustainable clothing.

Investing in higher quality:

While fast fashion is tempting, (we’ve all had a coup de coeur for a surprisingly well-cut Zara pair of jeans) it looks like it might not be a long-term solution to elevating your closet. Fast fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet and the extra investment for something that will last could simply not be scaled with the impact of fast fashion on the environment. When properly taken care of, high quality clothing can last for years and when versatile can complement any look no matter the trend.

Vintage: shop pre-loved clothes and accessories.

Shopping vintage allows you to find pieces no longer available on the market which will truly give that special touch to your style. It’s also the best option environment wise as it does not involve production.

Finding a balance between these three habits can help you establish a routine which will elevate your closet, and have everyone ask who you are wearing while knowing you’ve been mindful of your selections.

Dressing up is an art, it brings happiness and enhances creativity, why not be mindful of the process by taking the time to actually care about what you are wearing.

Our advice: know what you’re wearing, how to take care of it and spread the word on mindful shopping!

We like to believe we are actively contributing to slow fashion by bringing you pieces that will last right at your doorstep, start your journey here