Sweet dreams are made of this

Summer might be ending but a refreshing treat is always a good idea, don’t you agree? Well we definitely think so, that’s why we have decided to replace our favorite summer snack a.k.a ice cream, with something more healthy. We asked around the office for the best snack recipe and unanimously voted for this one. Based on Chia seeds, a natural superfood, it is really easy to make, the ingredients are very easy to find, and the preparation takes only 10 minutes. So are you ready?

Let us introduce you to the “Vanilla Greek Yogurt Chia Seed pudding

Not only does it look nice, it tastes amazing too!

The only ingredients you will need are:

- ¾ cup of whole cow's milk

- 2 (5.3 oz.) cups of Greek yogurt

- 2 Tbsp. pure maple syrup

- 1 tsp. vanilla extract

- pinch of fine sea salt (about ⅛ tsp.)

- ¼ cup chia seeds, fresh berries, granola,

toasted coconut flakes or sliced almonds

to serve

Ready to make some magic? Find the way to do it in 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Put all ingredients apart from Chia seeds, in a bowl and mix them all together. Then add the Chia seeds and mix them again

Step 2

Cover the bowl and put it in the fridge to stay over the night. (Once you wake up in the morning you will have a nice creamy pudding)

Step 3

Take the pudding out of the fridge and whisk it so that the seeds are evenly distributed in the mix. Serve it in small bowls with toppings of your desire. (We like it with fresh strawberries and bananas, but it’s also amazing with blueberries and pieces of black chocolate)

You can keep your pudding in the fridge for 2 to 3 days, to have a healthy snack at all hours of day and night.

Taste it and feel free to leave us your impressions on comments here! Bon Appetit!

Add all the fresh fruits in the world and enjoy!