The Secrets for a Perfect Bronze Skin

If you are one of those lucky people who are enjoying the summer sun somewhere, then keep reading.

We know how hard it is to get the perfect tan. So here are some of some of our best tips on how to take care of your skin to achieve a healthy bronzed skin.

Number 1 – It is all about the Face

First things first, your face is your most precious jewel and it needs extra care to avoid wrinkles and drying. Applying an after-sun or an Aloe Vera lotion made of 99% water, is the best thing you can do to

help your skin regain its vitality.

Number 2Lips for kisses

The use of lip balm is not only for winter. Your lips need moisturising all year long and especially during the summer. Make sure to carry a balm with SPF with you at all times and refresh it during the day to keep them soft, hydrated and ready to be kissed!

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Number 3 – Body care

After long hours under the sun your body is dehydrated, your skin might feel dry and even worse start peeling. The best thing to do is to take in all the water you have lost. Drink as many glasses of water as you can (No more than eight per day though) and apply an effective moisturising lotion. We would suggest you applying it before your shower, as studies suggest that moisturising is more effective this way.

Number 4 – Eating for a better skin

You are gonna love this tip (We know we did). As studies have indicated, what you eat reflects on your skin’s health. And guess what foods are suggested for the post tanning period:

Dark chocolate! Indeed, cocoa has beneficial properties, as it hydrates your body and it contains antioxidants that limit the damage caused by sun.

Fruits that contain polyphenols, such as grapes and berries. Our favorite is

the Cantaloupe melon which contains antioxidants and gives a unique hydration to the skin.

• Last but not least: Pizza or pasta with red sauce. Actually, tomato in general as it is rich in lycopene a natural component proven to help protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation damage.

Most importantly always apply sunscreen BEFORE exposing yourself to the sun.

We hope you enjoyed our list of office secrets for a perfect bronze skin. Overall, take care of yourself as you need to be healthy to look beautiful, and don’t forget to make small pauses between your tanning sessions to allow your skin to rest. Have a wonderful summer wherever you are.

Love, MC