The story behind Chanel

Chanel is a well-established iconic brand but what’s the story behind its success? You are going to love it!

A French girl once decided to transform the way women define style, this was Coco Channel! Born in a small city of France, and raised by nuns, she started exploring the world of vesture since she was only a child when she started sewing her first clothes until she created her empire in the 20’.

Coco Chanel’s designs became loved around the world for their characteristic elegant simplicity. As she herself quoted “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not a luxury”. With her minimal style, she influenced women to discover charm and femininity, in less complicated outfits. She helped them liberate themselves from constraints of the society’s stereotypes about beauty, and to express themselves in a more authentic way.

With the help of her friend she opened her first shops selling hats and later on clothes she was crafting herself. Her real success though began much later, when she had been asked about a dress she was wearing one cold night at Deauville, which she had crafted for her. She started crafting dresses for other women too, and she became famous worldwide for her trademark suits and the minimal black dresses which until then were reserved for funerals and widows in mourning. She boldly stated the fashionable reds, green and electric blues that her peers dressed in made the designer “feel ill.”

Coco Chanel revolutionised the post war fashion industry by introducing pants and suits to women’s closets. Besides apparel and accessories, the product for which she is most known around the world, and which carries her name is her masterpiece, Chanel No 5. With the help of famous French perfumer Ernest Beaux, she created a perfume whose scent is like no other. A combination of jasmine and other aromas that was complex and mysterious, created to give prominence to woman charm. The ambition of Coco was to make every woman make an impact everywhere she goes, and she fulfilled it.

She was loved for her passion, her amazing work and the territory of unparalleled style she has created in the fashion world. Her story and work has inspired numerous books, films and plays but also women’s closets all around the world.