Victoria Beckham: From pop star to the runways

Born and raised in the UK, she had a passion for arts since she was a child. She decided to follow her calling and study dance in London, becoming famously known as Posh through the Spice Girls a few years later. In 2000, and as the iconic group went their separate ways, Beckham realised she needed to imprint her love for fashion.

Being a fashion designer was her first dream as she admits, and she managed to finally make it come true. Not long after her career as a pop idol, she designed and launched her very first limited-edition line of jeans for Rock & Republic: VB Rocks. And she got transformed from an iconic music star to a talented emerging designer.

She didn’t settle with designing though, in 2006 she wrote her own style guide named: “That Extra Half Inch”, because she wanted to show to women the importance of even the smallest detail in achieving the perfect outfit. She is now running her successful eponymous label while being a devoted mother and wife at the same time.

She wants to share her style with all the women who love fashion, and to give an elegant touch to their closets. This is why she oversees herself, every detail when it comes to her collections being released every season. She says that “Everything that I design I would wear myself”. Besides, even though she began designing later on in her career, she has always been iconic in the fashion sphere whether for good or bad reasons.

This month she celebrated the first decade of her success in the Fashion world, with a presentation of her limited Ready to Wear collection available directly from the runway. As she hilariously explains through her anniversary video with Vogue, in her new collection she blends the casual, sensuous, feminine and elegant styles to showcase the multifaceted personality of her iconic brand, which expresses every woman. We are already in love with it, and one thing is sure, there is no woman who cannot find a piece of herself in one of her designs.

Victoria Beckham: A Decade of Elegance | British Vogue