Why Independent Designers are a must in your closet!

In times where fashion has become so easily accessible, is advertised so quickly, and comes and go even quicker. We are always on the lookout for the perfect pieces that not only are in for the season, but add a personal touch to a woman’s closet that is here to stay. Those of which their creators know each and every seam-line and makes sure they have the perfect fit on each body type. These are the pieces worth waiting for as the seasons change, because of their uniqueness their craftsmanship entails.

After all, the magic of a woman’s style is found in details, which can’t easily be spotted, while shopping on the High Street. As we’re strolling around Europe’s fashion capitals, we always admire the variety of colours, patterns and materials to be observed in the outfits of each woman. This is what got us inspired to look for and find true gems, which enclose the spirit of their creator.

Believing each woman is truly incomparable, we thought her style shouldn’t be similar to any other’s. Instead, it should be expressing her personality in a symbolic way. How a woman dresses should be a statement, a mindful one. This is why we select unique pieces, to be added to your closet exactly the way you want. We invite you to know their story, their fabrics, and celebrate their quality and uniqueness.

Nirvana Earrings
Nirvana Earrings|Celina Giraud

Independent creators are not just fashion designers, above all they are artists and amazing storytellers, designing pieces that will make history.

Don’t wait any longer to join our journey towards mindful shopping,

Because what’s a better feeling than wearing a piece that everyone asks about, and has its own story?

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